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Kinder Care Stories

Kindergarten Student Turned Trusted Caregiver

At Kinder Care, we always encourage family and friends to keep in contact and stay connected with our residents, whether that’s family in the area, friends from a far, or even childhood connections. The phrase, “what a small world”, seems to ring true in Kinder Care’s small, tight-knit community more often than not. Our wonderful caregiver, John Gettel and longtime resident, Glenna Scoby are the perfect example. 


Glenna, as stated above, is a longtime Kinder Care resident and a retired Fargo kindergarten teacher, who happened to have John Gettel as a young boy in her classroom. As a young woman she prided herself in sharing her knowledge and making a difference in her students’ lives. Glenna now spends her days alongside her devoted husband, reminiscing about the “good old days”, and enjoying the company of the Kinder Care team, especially Gettel.


John Gettel has been an essential part of the Kinder Care team for 7 years. John says, that having Glenna as a teacher and a role model in his early childhood years, impacted him and his desire to give back and care for others. Gettel is an experienced and qualified caregiver who enjoys being able to work with and care for Glenna, and other residents’, on a daily basis. “Being able to give back to someone who helped mold me into the caring individual I am, is such a rewarding and humbling opportunity. I feel so fortunate to be able to reconnect with such a wonderful person.” 


The connection that Glenna and John share is unparalleled due to their years of history, memories shared in the classroom, and their new experiences at Kinder Care every day. From kindergarten student to caregiver, Gettel and Scoby have truly made their relationship go full circle.