At Kinder Care, your family becomes our family. We will give you the peace of mind knowing your loved one is being taken care of in our small and cozy, home-like assisted living facility.

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Kinder Care Assisted Living

Caring for a loved one who is elderly or who has a disability can be a full-time job

You want to be there for them as much as possible. We understand that the time you can give, the experience you have, and the knowledge of the necessary medications may be limited…
…you can trust in our caring and certified team to provide the care and services you or your loved ones deserve and require in their daily lives and activities.
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The genuine care we have for our residents sets us apart from the rest. Our trained staff offers one to one care and makes everyone feel a part of the Kinder Care family.

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Managing the full-time care needs of a loved one suffering from dementia or memory loss is extremely difficult on caregivers, families and friends – especially when taking it on alone in the home. Recent studies show that the extreme stress a caregiver experiences while attempting to manage this disease on their own contributes to significant drops in mental, physical and emotional health shortened life expectancy – for the caregiver!

After going through the struggle of trying to find care for her grandmother with limited options available for families, owner- Melanie Klinkhammer, made it her mission to raise the standard of care in the community by creating a small, cozy, personal home setting that Kinder Care is today.

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Begin your journey here.


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